‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (2015) review: What a lovely day!

‘Mad Mad: Fury Road’ the epitome of what an action movie should be

It’s a strange road we take in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” It’s one that doubles back on itself, one that repeats the past while making a new future. It’s manically loud while at times deafeningly silent (though clearly not in equal doses). It’s destructive, full of nightmare fuel and chaos, but out of that cacophony rises a strange hope, one seeking redemption — and maybe just a bit of revenge.

In effect, “Mad Max: Fury Road” beautifully combines pulse-pounding, high-octane action with a powerfully simple though effective story of redemption. It’s the epitome of what an action should be.

Released 30 years after the third installment in the “Mad Max” series, “Beyond Thunderdome,” director George Miller returns us to his post-apocalyptic dystopian future, one where the world as we know it is dead and instead humanity hangs on by a bare thread, forever fighting among each other for what little water, food or gas they can find. It’s a pitiful life for the majority, while despots horde the best for themselves. It’s a terrible existence, one director Miller turns into a poetic masterpiece of despair and barely-there hope.

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Five furious stars out of five, and a critic’s pick.

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