TV recap: ‘Supergirl’ — ‘Episode 4: Livewire’

Editor’s note: This series of recaps of episodes for “Supergirl” will contain spoilers, especially as the season goes, and may be written to an audience that’s watching the series. Expect a full-season review once the first season concludes.


Supergirl saves radio Shock Jock Leslie Willis, a radio DJ employed by CATCO.

It seems Cat does have a heart buried underneath all the lightning-quick snark.

Supergirl’s adopted parents — mother doesn’t approve of Kara being a superhero.

Flashback shows the sisters flying in the night

Leslie seems to have electric powers of some type. And she seems to be evil within no time. (It’s similar to Electro from Spider-Man)

Thanksgiving dinner is fantastic awkward — mother visits and is clearly harder on Alex than Kara. When Alex reveals that she works for the DEO, all shit hits the fan. Kara stands up for her sister, though, which is worthy.

Man, aren’t family dinners fantastic?

Alex is getting her drunk on, and more than just flashes of resentment

Flashbacks show the strain placed on Alex in relation to her younger sister. And shows Henshaw talking to Eliza Danvers all those years ago.

Livewire attacks Cat and Kara in the building. Cat shows some cuourageous spine. Supergirl and Live wire battle it out, absorbing energy as they go. Supergirl saves Cat from falling to her death in the elevator

Livewire causes blackouts across the city, and Henshaw shows up. Kara reveals part of her past to Cat, and Cat shows some actual emotion. Reveals that she has a strained relationship with her mother, and gives up a look at Leslie from a while ago.

Mother and daughter have a talk about the past and reconcile, with Alex learning why her mother was harder on her than Kara.

Cat suggests she and Supergirl work together to draw out Livewire. Cat calls her out on a citywide broadcast. Livewire and Supergirl battle it out. Fighting is still atrociious but the effects are much better this time. How people controls such new powers so quickly is beyond me.

We learn that Winn’s dad is in prison for being a bad man. He kisses Kara and that look on her face is priceless. And then James and his girlfriend show up to ruin everything else that wasn’t happy.

Cat chooses not to feature celeb gossip and instead focuses on those who helped donate their time during the holiday. And it seems Cat is going to be taking a closer look at her assistant.

Eliza reveals she knows about DEO and Henshaw. Jeramiah?? offers to work for Henshaw in exchange for them not taking Kara. Deal with the devil. And he died working for the DEO and Henshaw.

The sisters are way too conspiculous when they meet Henshaw at the end.

?? stars out of five.

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