‘Skyline’ (2010) review: Don’t look at the pretty light

‘Skyline’ a lackluster mashup

So, I bought “Skyline” because it just came out on Blu-ray a few days ago and I thought it was going to be a good watch; I probably should have left it on the video shelf. For those who are still curious about this particular alien-infestation epic, you’re in for another “Independence Day”/”Battle Los Angeles” mash-up that would have been better off airing on SyFy.

I had every intention of doing a real review of this, but I just can’t justify the waste of time. So, long story very short, an alien species decides to visit Earth. Why? That’s not ever truly explained, but it has to do with a natural resource of sorts, as always. (Why is it that aliens can never just want to visit, to expand their cultural and spacial horizons? Does it always have to be about colonizing and destroying everything?) And because the bad guys come in, glowing tentacles ablazin’, the human race must defend itself.

Look, you’ve seen this movie. Everyone has. And there’s some comfort in that, as even I could tell what was going to happen. I’ll give it one kudo, though: The ending was completely unexpected, in a good way. That was about the only redeeming quality of the movie, as the rest was just mediocre. The acting: blah. The filming: could have been better. The plot: nonexistent.

“Skyline” wasn’t horrible, per se. It just wasn’t good. If you’ve seen “Battle L.A.” already, you’ve already filled your horrible alien-invasion quota this year. You’re better off watching something on SyFy.

Two “so pretty!” stars out of five.

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