Full movie: ‘Sync!’ – A project by CorridorDigital

Below is the full version of “Sync,” a project by Corridor Digital of YouTube fame, hosted by Bammo.

The video, clocking in at 1 hour, 45 minutes, is a great independent collaboration of Web episodes that show a little can go a long way. The story can be a bit cliched, and the violence over-the-top, but if you like science-fiction work, you’ll love this. You may get a “Source Code” kind of vibe.

SYNC is a story about the world’s first computerized human, who is a covert agent struggling to balance what’s left of his humanity with his newly threatened immortality.

Directors: Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer
Charlie Cooper: Tanner Thomason
Reese Wilson: Lauren Plaxco
Eleanor Delaney: Cooper Harris
Writer: Ira Parker
Executive Producer: Sarah Penna
Executive Producer: Steve Raymond
Executive Producer: Mike Rotman
Line Producer: AJ Tesler
Unit Production Manager: Jake Watson
1st Assistant Director: Cory Johnson
Assistant Director: Nicholas Veneroso
Lead FX artist: Clinton Jones
Editing: Kevin Lipnos/The Sweatshop
Sound: Dan Pugsley
Music: Kristopher Fisher

Review coming soon!


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