‘Third Eye Crime’ review: Getting away, noir-style

‘Third Eye Crime’ a stylish noir-inspired puzzler

Smartly written and stylish beyond its $2.99 price tag, “Third Eye Crime” wastes no time jumping right into the fray. A thief with quick fingers, a sharp intelligence and maybe just a touch of clairvoyance. Yeah, the main character may be a bit of psychic. And that’s OK.

This beautifully styled noir-inspired stealth action game is simple enough to operate. You control your character from a top-down perspective, drawing a line through each level — consisting of a wide variety of locales, including dockyards, museums and warehouses — while trying to make it to the exit. You can draw a single line and have the character follow it without fail or stop along the way. It mostly works, though there are some times you will get unnecessarily stuck.

Along the way, you get the chance to collect loot while not running into security guards or being shot to death by bun-wielding brutes. Whom you can avoid because you can see their lines of sights, which funnel out in front of them and light up hallways with bright red lines. You always know when their coming, even if you can’t get away.

Click here to read the full review at TDN.com.

Editor’s note: This version of “Third Eye Crime” was reviewed on the iPad Mini. It is available on other iOS devices for $2.99 for the first acts and $0.99 for each of the second two acts.

Four noir stars out of five.

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Above, a scene from "Third Eye Crime." (Photo credit: Moonshot Games)

Above, a scene from “Third Eye Crime.” (Photo credit: Moonshot Games)

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