‘The Walking Dead: Season 2 — Episode 4: Amid the Ruins’ (PS3) review: Thinning the herd

‘Amid the Ruins’ hits a lull, but edges us closer to conclusion

It’s difficult to discern whether I’m becoming desensitized to the heart-breaking casualties occurring what feels like every few minutes or if the constantly deadly situations we find ourselves in just no longer merit that level of emotion. I mean, how many times can you be saddened by secondary characters’ deaths? It all just becomes … numbing after a certain extent.

Such as it is with Episode 4 of Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead: Season 2.” Death is never easy, and its presence is meant to cause a certain level of emotional pain. But when everyone is dying faster than new villains appear, you have to wonder: Is there even a point to it anymore? Or is just for shock value now? Are we meant to make friends only to lose them, only to leave heroine Clementine in even more pain? At this rate, she’ll be on her own before too long, stabbing everyone in her wake to prevent herself from becoming friends with them.

Without getting any more graphic (or story-spoiling), let it just be said your choices in this episode may result in an unusually large number of your group dying. Your decisions allow (or force, depending on how you look at it) Clementine to make some serious gruesome choices this time around. It’s tough enough having to manage the survival of a young girl during a violent zombie apocalypse without having to muddle through increasing morally challenging life-or-death decisions.

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Three “Where did everyone go?” stars out of five.

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