‘The Walking Dead: Season 2 — Episode 5: No Going Back’ (PS3) review: Pushing our limits

‘No Going Back’ exemplifies storytelling in video games

Emotional distress can represent a multitude of ailments. From anger to heartbreak, that feeling of despair, of a severed connection can overwhelm us completely. Such was the absolute sadness crashing over me while completing Episode 5 of Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead: Season 2.”

The appropriately titled “No Going Back” is a test case of suffering the consequences of our actions, both previous and current. We’re forced from the very start to make debilitating, life-or-death choices that revel how we feel about those we’ve traveled with, the ones we cared about and the ones who we easily leave behind.

And if you’ve become as invested in these characters as I have, those choices will leave you traumatized. Which, I believe, is the effect Telltale is trying to achieve. It’s not so much what happens to those surrounding us, it’s that we find ourselves at the center of all this chaos, somehow always responsible in ways we can’t control.

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Five conclusive stars out of five, and a critic’s pick.

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