Video game news roundup: Sept. 20, 2014

All existing, new pre-orders of ‘Elite: Dangerous’ to receive discount, digital extras

Frontier Developments plc announced pricing details for the release version of “Elite: Dangerous” along with additional information about the day one digital pre-order edition.

“Elite: Dangerous” on final release will be available for $59.99 through Frontier’s online store.

Frontier also announced that a special pre-order digital pack — the Mercenary Edition — is now available for $50 to all customers who pre-order the game before the day of release. Those who have already pre-ordered the final release version of Elite: Dangerous or backed the game through Alpha and Beta stages will also receive the pre-order digital pack when the game is released.

“Elite: Dangerous” will be released in Q4 2014.


‘Lords of the Black Sun’ releases new trailer

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Arkavi Studios have revealed their 4X space-strategy game “Lords of the Black Sun” (PC) on Steam.

“Lords of the Black Sun” is an 4X space-strategy game designed for players to take the command of one race to join the struggle for supremacy in a complex, living breathing galaxy. As the leader of an empire, gamers explore the stars, colonize new worlds, manage their empires and conquer whoever dares to oppose. Lords of the Black Sun offers a unique ship-building component to guide players in the single-player and multiplayer components of the game.


IndieCade announces official nominees for awards at IndieCade Festival 2014

IndieCade, the premier international festival of independent games, has revealed a diverse lineup of more than 35 games that are official nominees for awards at IndieCade Festival 2014 to be held in Culver City, Calif., on Oct. 9-12, 2014. The festival celebrates nearly 150 of the most creative and exciting independent games of the year while also establishing a leading voice in the promotion, cultivation, and community of independent games development.

The 2014 IndieCade Award Finalists include games on all major video game platforms, as well as additional categories such as table top games, sports, performance art, live action role playing, and even an interactive art installation.

More than 70 additional games have been selected as IndieCade “Selects” in five categories: Digital, eSports, Big Games, Table Top, and Night Games. These games are eligible for three awards – Media Choice, Audience Choice, and Developer Choice – and can be found listed on the IndieCade website.

Tickets for the festival are now available on the IndieCade website.


‘Divinity: Original Sin’ gets 2 new companions in free ‘Bear and the Burglar’ DLC

Larian Studios is delivering new content to “Divinity: Original Sin” players in the form of a DLC update. “The Bear and the Burglar” DLC pack, available for free via Steam, improves co-op dialogue by streamlining lengthy discussions and adds two new companions with unique story arcs who can join your party as you set off to save Rivellon.

Bairdotr, a curious and loyal ranger, has gotten herself into some trouble at the Legion barracks, while the silent rogue Wolgraff has found himself a nice hustle stealing coins from the wishing well in the Cyseal hinterlands (accessible through the graveyard tunnel).


‘Over 9,000 Zombies!’ receives updates on Steam Early Access

Indie developer Loren Lemcke and independent publisher Mastertronic have released new updates for “Over 9000 Zombies!” on Steam Early Access.


‘Grimoire,’ the MOBA-inspired multiplayer FPS with wizards now raising money on Kickstarter

The ‘Grimoire’ crowd-funding campaign has already secured $6,108 of the project’s $42,000 goal. Developer OmniConnection has also submitted the game to Steam Greenlight.

In the Combat Preview, players can choose from 5 magic schools (classes)—10 of which will be included in the final game. The goal? Defend the village church from unspeakable evil.

Above, a scene from "Elite: Dangerous." (Photo credit: Frontier Developments plc)

Above, a scene from “Elite: Dangerous.” (Photo credit: Frontier Developments plc)

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