‘Sunset Overdrive’ (2014) review: An explosion of neon chaos


‘Sunset Overdrive’ a gem of monster-blastin’ gorgeousness

LOOK LOOK LOOK! Over there! See that monster spewing out … whatever that cool-looking green slime is? Let’s go kill it! But wait! What about this side quest over here? The reward is a hand cannon that shoots explosive teddy bears! No, wait…

This, everyone, was my experience with “Sunset Overdrive,” an acid trip of monster-gut explosions, neon hues and mind-bending chaos. In short: an absolute blast of a time.

The Xbox One exclusive from Insomniac Games brings is downright insane. Its version of the apocalypse involves an energy drink that’s so toxic it just turns you into a monster. Its hero (who’s fully customizable) is a wordy smart-aleck who’s seemingly found his mission during the end of times. Your allies and enemies: Every one last one of them is certifiably institutional. All of them have the attention span of a newt, their actions as sporadic as a hyperactive child.

Click here to read the full review at TDN.com.

Four outrageous stars out of five.

Editor’s note: This review of “Sunset Overdrive” was done on the Xbox One, which is the only console for which the game is available.

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Above, a scene from "Sunset Overdrive." (Photo credit: Insomniac)

Above, a scene from “Sunset Overdrive.” (Photo credit: Insomniac)

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