‘The Interview’ (2014) review: Fulfilling your (unfulfilling) patriotic duty

James Franco and Seth Rogen are shown in a scene from "The Interview." (Photo credit: Columbia Pictures)

James Franco and Seth Rogen are shown in a scene from “The Interview.” (Photo credit: Columbia Pictures)

‘The Interview’ clearly not worth all the fuss

I never had that strong of an urge to watch “The Interview,” the latest iteration of the James Franco-Seth Rogen bromance. I just couldn’t imagine that it was going to be a production outside of their purview — outrageously crude, frighteningly awkward, infamously idiotic and enough homoeroticism to make just about anyone cringe.

But when it comes to this particular comedy, which was slated for a wide release on Christmas Day, that’s not what matters. The dumb sex jokes and nonsensical plot are simply secondary to what became a bit of trend here in the United States: No one, especially some cowardly hackers from a foreign country, is going to tell us what movie to watch, even if it’s one we didn’t really want to watch in the first place.

According to the United States government, hackers from North Korea infiltrated Sony, the company producing “The Interview,” and unleashed a torrent of private documents and emails, causing both headache and embarrassment for the firm. The hackers demanded Sony pull “The Interview” from the market, even going so far as to invoke 9/11 in their threats against theaters that dared to show the movie. In response, angry theater owners (including Regal Cinemas, which owns the theaters in Longview and Kelso) refused to show the film, prompting Sony to scrap the release.

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Two harebrained stars out of five.

Where to watch “The Interview” online:
Xbox Video
Sony’s dedicated website for “The Interview”

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