‘Gone Girl’ (2014) review: When ‘he said, she said’ turns murderous



‘Gone Girl’ film adaptation full of clever twists and turns

“Gone Girl” is the type of film you find yourself only watching once. All the lies and half-truths, the deceit and unknowing: It’s simply too much, overwhelming your sense of an already-fractured reality.

The ultimate battle of “he said, she said,” “Gone Girl” is a taunt thriller that pits husband against wife against the audience in a quest to set the agenda, to establish the “truth” of the situation. Viewers (or readers, if you prefer the 2012 book of the same by Gillian Flynn) are left to distinguish between biased accounts of a wife gone missing and and her husband, suspected of violently ending his wife’s life. But what starts as one sordid type of mystery evolves into a another, this one distinctly morbid in its own.

The problem with saying anything more, though, is that to do so would ruin any suspense. In fact, the reason you may find yourself not wanting to watch “Gone Girl” again, despite how engrossing it is, has more to do with knowing how the film ends than how it actually happened (though that sequence of events in this tale of martial bliss that may never have been is left intentionally muddied, allowing you to fill in some less-than-explained plot points).

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Four contempt-fueld stars out of five.

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Ben Affleck is shown in a scene from "Gone Girl." (Photo credit: 20th Century Fox)

Ben Affleck is shown in a scene from “Gone Girl.” (Photo credit: 20th Century Fox)

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