Mario Kart 8′ (2014) review: Beautiful chaos going a mile a minute


‘Mario Kart 8’ a blast of colors and good times

Nintendo has a penchant for making the ultimate party game, one that brings friends and family together to bond over some colorful antics. Nintendo also has a penchant for creating a party game that can utterly destroy any relationship you’ve ever had, propelling you into a rage so blinding you may actually wind up throwing your controller across the room. Welcome to “Mario Kart 8.”

The latest in Nintendo’s two-decade-old racing franchise, “MK8” goes out-all in creating a new sense of purpose and excitement in its quirky, animated world. With stunning graphics and a frenetic pace throughout, plus solid game mechanics and online capability, this rendition reminds us that Nintendo still is capable of releasing a title worthy of hours of your life.

This time around, “Mario Kart” is about that speed, and not just on the track. Everything from menu movement to unlocks to course selection is streamlined. The game rewards efficiency and skill, removing more of the luck-based components and adding in more abilities that complement the amazing courses on which you’ll get to race.

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Four “Wait, I wanted to be Yoshi!” stars out of five, and a critic’s pick.

Editor’s note: The “Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2,” which was recently released, adds quite a few more racers to the mix, along with new cars. I’d recommend picking up the extra content. (If you haven’t already, you can buy the first and second DLC packs for a great price as a bundle.) Also just added is the 200cc class, which puts a heavy emphasis on braking and sharp turns.

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"Mario Kart 8" takes the series to a new height while reminding players why the series is beloved. (Photo credit: Nintendo)

“Mario Kart 8” takes the series to a new height while reminding players why the series is beloved. (Photo credit: Nintendo)

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