‘Poltergeist’ (2015) review: They’re here! (again)


Remake of classic 1982 ‘Poltergeist’ adds nothing of value

It’s hard to be mad, really. It’s not like it was terrible. The leads and secondary actors were solid, the visuals entertaining enough. Even the 3-D wasn’t headache-inducing. And, in effect, a new generation of moviegoers got to experience a new rendition of a film that terrified audiences some three decades ago.

Still, when all is said and done and the theater lights gradually get brighter, alerting you to the fact that you’ve been watching this for 93 minutes, you can’t help but be afflicted with some type of negative emotion. And I’m here to tell you it’s not terror.

Clearly misunderstanding the adage “one good turn deserves another,” 20th Century Fox decided to try and scare us again with its remake of the 1982 horror classic, “Poltergeist.” Decidedly more modern (iPhones, drones, a touch of the Great Depression lurking as story-setting), this tale suffers not from malicious ghouls flitting through your house, but from a lack of necessity. You see, the 2015 version of “Poltergeist” fails to add anything of value to the original horror-fest. And with so many great horror films that already pilfered from the classic, including “Insidious” and “The Conjuring,” it’s simply inexcusable for the remake to not bring anything new to the table.

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Two “They’re here!” stars out of five.

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Above, a scene from "Poltergeist." (Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Above, a scene from “Poltergeist.” (Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)


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