‘Threes!’ review: Math shouldn’t be this fun


‘Threes!’ an addictive puzzler accessible by just about anyone

The majority of my gaming tends to be on consoles (PS4, Xbox One) with a smaller percentage on PC. I play even fewer games on mobile devices (either my iPhone or iPad) for reasons I couldn’t explain if I tried. After giving the mobile puzzle game “Threes!” a try on my smartphone, I quickly realized that I needed to correct that grievous error.

The best puzzle games should be accessible for anyone who wants to partake but with enough challenge not to bore the player. “Threes!” fits that mandate with a linear and graceful ease. Its control functions: swiping your finger up, down, left and right. Its color scheme: bright, but simple. Music and sound: minimal through effective. That’s it. It’s really very simple to get started. Mastering “Threes!,” however, is a whole other story.

The premise is easy enough to understand. You’re given a four-by-four grid partially filled with numbered cards. Your goal is to stack like numbers on top of each other to get the largest number you can. The higher the combined numbers on your field when you run out of space (and therefore moves), the higher your final score.

Click here to read the full review at The Register-Guard.

Four “Why couldn’t that 1 be there instead?!” stars out of five, and a critic’s choice

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