What’s opening in theaters this week

Chris Pine is shown in a scene from "The Finest Hours." (Photo credit: Disney)

Chris Pine is shown in a scene from “The Finest Hours.” (Photo credit: Disney)

Opening Friday:
“The Finest Hours” (PG-13): Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Eric Bana star in this fact-based survival drama about the crew of an oil tanker that sank during a massive storm in 1952.
“Kung Fu Panda 3” (PG): Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman provide the voices for the third installment in the adventures of the furry martial-arts master.
“Son of Saul” (R): Laszlo Nemes’ Oscar-nominated Holocaust drama focuses on an Auschwitz prisoner forced to work at the concentration camp’s crematory.

In stores Tuesday:
“Chi-Raq” (DVD/Blu-ray): Spike Lee directs this reimagining of the Greek play Lysistrata, set in modern-day, gang-riddled Chicago.
“Goosebumps” (DVD/Blu-ray): Jack Black stars as author R.L. Stine in this live-action adaptation of the popular young adult horror-novel series.
“The Assassin” (DVD/Blu-ray): Hsiao-Hsien Hou directs this critically acclaimed drama about a female assassin who accepts a dangerous mission in seventh-century China.
“Burnt” (DVD/Blu-ray): Bradley Cooper is a disgraced chef trying to clean up his tattered reputation at a London restaurant.


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