Let’s Play: ‘Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’ (PS4) I Part 17

I’m the best actor, of course.

Here’s Part 17 of my playthrough of “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood,” part of “The Ezio Collection.”

“Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” follows the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins, who fight for peace with free will, and the Templars, who desire peace through control. The framing story is set in the 21st century and features series protagonist Desmond Miles who, with the aid of a machine known as the Animus, relives the memories of his ancestors to find a way to avert the 2012 apocalypse. The main story takes place immediately after the plot of “Assassin’s Creed II,” featuring Assassin Ezio Auditore de Firenze in 16th-century Italy and his quest to restore the Assassin order and to and destroy his enemies: the Borgia family.

This will be a full playthrough on the PlayStation 4 with a review at the end.

Link to the playlist: http://tinyurl.com/m3pvou8


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