Let’s Play: ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — A Criminal Past’ I Part 6

One more to go.

Here’s Part 6 of my playthrough of “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — A Criminal Past.”

“Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” is set in the year 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution and the “Aug Incident” — an event in which mechanically augmented humans became uncontrollable and lethally violent. Unbeknownst to the public, the affected augmented received implanted technology designed to control them by the shadowy Illuminati, which is abused by a rogue member of the group to discredit augmentations completely. The Illuminati successfully conceal the truth behind rumors and disinformation, while the augmented are now outcasts from normal humans in an era of “mechanical apartheid.”

The player controls Adam Jensen, an augmented former private security officer now working with a special Interpol unit, Task Force 29, to capture a terrorist group of augmented humans. Jensen also secretly works for the Juggernaut Collective, a hacker group helping him to confront the Illuminati.

This will be a full playthrough on the Xbox One with a review at the end.

Link to the playlist: http://tinyurl.com/hjsejqx

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