Let’s Play: ‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Episode 4’ I Part 3 [FINAL]

I lied. It never got better.

Here’s Part 3 [FINAL] of my playthrough of “‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Episode 4: Thicker Than Water.”

“The Walking Dead: A New Frontier” follows on the first game, and coincides with events of the comic, in which a zombie apocalypse has occurred, turning humans that are bitten or die into zombies, or “walkers”; the only way to stop this conversion is to damage the brain. The game is set during an unknown time period (likely three years following its predecessor). The protagonist of A New Frontier is Javier “Javi” Garcia, a former professional baseball player. His group consists of Kate, the second wife of his brother David; and David’s children Gabe and Mariana. He later meets Clementine, a young teenager surviving on her own, and a major protagonist from the previous two seasons.

This will be a full playthrough on the PlayStation 4 with a review at the end.

Link to the playlist: http://tinyurl.com/jcmxn29

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