Let’s Play: ‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Episode 5’ I Part 1

I need reinforcements for this.

Here’s Part 1 of my playthrough of “The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Episode 5: From the Gallows.”

“The Walking Dead: A New Frontier” follows on the first game, and coincides with events of the comic, in which a zombie apocalypse has occurred, turning humans that are bitten or die into zombies, or “walkers”; the only way to stop this conversion is to damage the brain. The game is set during an unknown time period (likely three years following its predecessor). The protagonist of “A New Frontier” is Javier “Javi” Garcia, a former professional baseball player. His group consists of Kate, the second wife of his brother David; and David’s children Gabe and Mariana. He later meets Clementine, a young teenager surviving on her own, and a major protagonist from the previous two seasons.

This will be a full playthrough on the PlayStation 4 with a review at the end.

Link to the playlist: http://tinyurl.com/jcmxn29

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