‘Destiny 2’ beta (PS4) review: Oh so familiar…

Updated graphics aside, the early look at ‘Destiny 2’ doesn’t bode well for the full game’s release

I’ll admit I got drawn into the hype that was “Destiny” when it was released in September 2014. Everything about the game captured my attention, from the abilities to the gun play to the science fiction story line. Granted, it was all very “Halo”-esque, but since I missed the boat on that sequel (which I’ve since remedied), I was excited to dive right in to what was being promoted as the next “Halo” killer.

Well, nearly three years later, and we know how that story played out. It wasn’t anything of the sort. Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the game and it’s many (pricey) expansions, but it just wasn’t a first-person shooter masterpiece.

In fact, not long after its latest expansion, “Destiny: Rise of Iron,” was released last year, I quit playing altogether. It was a mix of boredom stemming from accomplishing what I had sought to in the game and knowing that “Destiny 2” was right around the corner. (Plus, there are so many other great games to play.)

Click here to read the full review at The Register-Guard’s website.

Three déjà vu stars out of five.

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