G’n’N with D’n’N podcast: Episode 4 — ‘Some time later …’

Note: I apologize for the video kind of cutting out at the end. It seems my recording equipment didn’t appreciate running for three-plus hours. -Dominic

Welcome to Gaming and News with Dominic and Nichole, our version of a gaming-and-news podcast. Here we’ll discuss the latest news, both gaming and non-gaming related, as we play through some of favorite games.

Let us know what you think! Any comments, suggestions, criticisms, critiques? Put ’em down in the comment section below; we love hearing from you!

YouTube: youtube.com/user/BAEZ/featured
Twitter: @silver_screenin
Blog: silverscreening.wordpress.com

Twitter: @nicki_nacky
Instagram: @nicki_w.a_ck


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