Let’s Play: ‘Alien: Isolation’ l Part 21

Why is everyone picking on me?!

Here’s Part 21 of my playthrough of “Alien: Isolation” from Sega on the Xbox One. Being a major fan of the “Alien” series, I’m excited to take you all on a hellish nightmare on the Sevastopol as we, playing Amanda Ripley (daughter of Ellen Ripley), try to solve the mystery of the Nostromo. Oh, and we get to deal with crazed survivors, disturbing androids and deadly Aliens.

This will be a full playthrough with a review at the end.

‘Alien’: http://tinyurl.com/oanzqlw
‘Aliens’: http://tinyurl.com/ovurucw
‘Alien3’: http://tinyurl.com/o25vzfr
‘Alien Resurrection’: http://tinyurl.com/mobe298

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Part 21 copy

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