‘Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 – ZerO Sum’ (2014) review: One bullet, a million jokes

Telltale’s take on ‘Borderlands’ kicks off with a hilarious bang

To be honest, it was a bit strange diving back into the world of “Borderlands,” knowing this time the focus wouldn’t be on finding rare loot or shooting everything that moves. By now, it’s been made obvious that when Telltale Games is involved, it’s the story, the choices you make during the course of multiple episodes that matter most. Not to say you still don’t get to shoot people or find rare loot. Because what would “Borderlands” be without that?

In Episode 1 of “Tales from the Borderlands,” titled “Zer0 Sum,” Telltale utilizes the humor inherent in 2K’s previous titles and runs wild with it. Rife with witty humor from start to finish, “Zer0 Sum” proves a deft and interesting opening to the latest entry in the popular series. We’re introduced to some new characters (and some interesting older ones), we get to make life-and-death choices and we even have the chance to partake in an arena death-trap race. Basically, everything you’ve come to expect from a “Borderlands” game, just without all the manual inputs.

The tale of “Zer0 Sum” focuses on two new characters to the series: Rhys and Fiona, the most unlikely of cohorts retelling their tale in medias res of searching for a Vault, which contain caches of powerful alien technology. Even from early on, we can tell their accounting of the events that precede the intro sequence are going to be biased, colored in a way that reflects their understanding (or wishful thinking, as it were) of what happened along the way.

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Five “Where’s the Vault key” stars out of five.

Editor’s note: This version of “Tales of the Borderlands: Episode 1, Zer0 Sum” was reviewed on the PC and provided courtesy of Telltale Games.

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Above, a scene from "Tales from the Borderlands." (Photo credit: Telltale Games)

Above, a scene from “Tales from the Borderlands.” (Photo credit: Telltale Games)

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