Let’s Play: ‘Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3’ I Part 3

We’re just oh so lucky.

Here’s Part 3 of my playthrough of “Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 — Catch a Ride.”

“Tales” takes place in the “Borderlands” universe, primarily on the planet Pandora. Long-standing fables of a Vault containing vast treasures on Pandora has drawn numerous “Vault Hunters” to the planet, as well as the corporate interests of the Hyperion corporation who maintain military-like control of the planet from an orbiting base. The game occurs after the events of “Borderlands 2”; Hyperion’s long-standing president, Handsome Jack, has been killed by the most recent Vault Hunter arrivals, and it has been discovered that there are numerous other Vaults scattered throughout the galaxy, leading to a search for more Vault Keys that can open these new Vaults.

This will be a full playthrough on the PC with a review at the end.

Link to the playlist: http://tinyurl.com/mfv23ja


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