‘Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series — Episode 3: More Than a Feeling’ (PS4) review: A chalice, a conundrum and a choice

The series’ midway point seems to have more questions than answers

The previous two episodes in Telltale Games’ “Guardians of the Galaxy” tended to focus on character development foremost while leaving the primary question of why we’re running around with a galactic chalice that can bring people back to life for later. I mean, yeah, we don’t want those with more nefarious intentions to have their hands on the Eternity Forge, but it hardly was ever addressed as to why we wanted it.

Well, the third episode of the five-part series, “More Than a Feeling,” finally gets around to answering that question. And let me tell you: Now I have more questions than ever.

Continuing in focusing on one particular character’s past and motivations per episode, “More Than a Feeling” highlights Gamora, a sword-wielding former assassin, and her sister, Nebula, who seems to hate and/or distrust just about everyone within her line of sight. It makes for quite the angry pair, especially since they don’t really get along.

Click here to read the full review at The Register-Guard’s website.

Three “Peter’s mom is awesome!” stars out of five.

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